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We introduce Gertit GmbH Your partner on content distribution. We protect your content online with our powerful tools! Learn More Always there for you Monetize & Distribute We will support on your content distribution. Learn More Web development & much more best website design ideas Our team will help you build the best website for your brand. With fully customizable CMS, and 24/7 support Learn More Portfolio Standard We Are Creative With an expert team on GFX, UI, UX we provide best graphic-design services for your brand! Design Agency.

Who we are

The company “Gertit” offers different services and divided into different sectors

Content distribution

  • Distribute your content on all digital stores
  • Keep your YouTube content safe
  • Premium distribution on Audio platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc)

Web Development

  • Software Development
  • Webdesign & Web Applications
  • UI & UX Design

Web Design

  • Professional web-designers team.
  • Advanced web-design.
Website & App development services

Premium services for Software Development, Webdesign & Web Applications, UI & UX Design - & Much more!

Fast & Responsive

Fully Customiziable

Seo Optimized

Creative Design


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Gertit GmbH

Bütikofenstrasse 36 3422 Kirchber BE Schweiz

Monday to Friday : 9am to 8pm

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your partner in developing your success and reaching out the best of digital platforms. YouTube, Dailymotion, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc are the main platforms these days and we have the best tools to deliver/protect/monetize your content on these platforms. Join Gertit GmbH now!

Our History

Initially, the company “Gertit” had its profile mainly in the field of presentation, while then its activity expanded to various fields.
We as a company are proud and committed to the services we provide to people who trust our work and staff. The company “Gertit” offers different services and divided into different sectors such as:

Protection: Content-ID tools!

Monetization: YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion etc.

Audio Distribution: Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Apple, Pandora, Tidal & much more!